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Video on making sawdust    Video on How Bricks Are Made

Eco-Bricks are pressed sawdust and is an effective alternative to other fuels such as fuel
oil and coal. Unlike coal and other fossil fuels that extract CO2 from the ground and deposit it into the atmosphere when burnt, Eco Bricks are made from sawdust and are considered CO2 neutral because the trees they are manufactured from extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the logs emit when burnt for heat. As a matter of fact, Eco Bricks produce 52% less particulate matter to the atmosphere than cordwood.

Eco-bricks are twice the density of cordwood and about the same energy density as coal with burn times significantly longer than cordwood.

Eco-bricks are manufactured from 100% kiln dried hardwood lumber sawdust and compressed with 24,000 lbs pressure making them twice as dense as cordwood.

Eco-bricks burn twice as clean as cordwood leaving ½ as much ash waste as cordwood. Eco Bricks are equally sized bricks and fit into wood burning stoves much better than cordwood.

With Eco-Bricks you have no worries of bugs, easier storage, much less mess and makes use of scrap wood which is much more environmentally friendly than cordwood or coal for fuel in wood burning stoves.

Eco Bricks are environmentally friendly as well. Eco-Bricks are considered carbon neutral for CO2 output because the CO2 emitted when burned is much less than the trees turn into oxygen while growing. Coal and other fuels extract CO2 from the earth and emit into the atmosphere having a negative environmental impact compared to Eco-Bricks

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How many BTU,s?

A. 8000/lb

B. 29000/Brick

C. 16 million/ton

D. They will burn at different rates depending on your stove.

 2. How much is 1 ton?

A. 1 skid 42" x 42"x 48"

B. Equals 1 cord of normal wood 4’X 4’X 96”

C. 1 package = 6 brick = 21 lbs.  = 96 per ton

D. 1 brick = 3 ½ X 3 X 9 = 3.5 lbs. 

     1 package = 5 ¾ X 9 X 11  = 21lbs.

Are there any additives?

A. No - They are held together by 24000lb. of pressure

B. It is strictly wood and safe for cooking.

4. Are there any bugs?

A. NO- it all has been though a heat cycle of 140* or higher

B. It has a moisture content of 8 %.

 5. Are there creosote or ash problems?

A. Ash content is less than .5%.

B. Creosote is from lack of heat and excess moisture, neither of which is found in Eco Brick.

How to Stop
Bringing in the (Bugs, Dirt, Dust, Bark & MOLD) that lives in regular cord wood

The Answer - Clean Burning EcoBricks


Powder Ash that Remains after burning EcoBricks

 Compare Home Heating Fuels

                                                           Fuel                  Heating Value               Efficiency

                                         Wood Pellets       16.4 million BTU/Ton              83%

                                            EcoBricks          20 million BTU/Ton               81%

                                            Firewood          20 million BTU/Cord              77%

                                       Coal Anthracite       25 million BTU/Ton               80%

                                          Fuel Oil # 2          134,500 BTU/Gal                 83%

                                          Natural Gas   1.03 million BTU’s per MCF           80%

                                            Propane        91,200 BTUs Per Gallon             80% 

                                          Electricity            3413 BTU/Kwh                   100%

* ( BTU ) British Thermal Unit

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